Healthy Living Pharmacy

Healthy Living Pharmacy Pharmacies are well placed to offer advice that can encourage healthy living. Pharmacists are experienced healthcare professionals with years of training and expertise.At YourPharmacy, our team can offer advice on a wide range of health topics including healthy eating, smoking, alcohol, physical activity and sexual health. A healthy lifestyle can help prevent […]


Do you or your children have symptoms of impetigo? Get advice and treatment through the Pharmacy First Service.

Sore Throat

Those aged 5 years old and above can access advice and NHS-funded treatment for sore throat without the need to see their GP.

Infected Insect Bites

We offer advice and treatment service for infected insect bites through the NHS Pharmacy First Service. Book online.


Access advice and treatment for sinusitis through the Pharmacy First Service. Find out more and book your appointment online.


Get expert advice and NHS-funded treatments for shingles at YourPharmacy. Book online.

Uncomplicated UTIs

Non-pregnant women aged 16-64 with symptoms of uncomplicated UTI infections can access advice and treatment through the Pharmacy First Service.

Blood Pressure Checking

Have your blood pressure checked at our pharmacy. We offer a free NHS Blood Pressure checking service to eligible patients.

Covid Vaccination Centre

We offer the NHS Covid vaccination service at our pharmacy. Book your appointment online through the central NHS booking system.